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Well Woman Annual Exam

Thorough medical history.  Please bring a list of your medication, medical conditions, dates of your last Pap smear, mammogram, bone density, colon cancer screening type and date.  Locations of testing done and the actual report if possible.  It is BEST not to be having any vaginal bleeding for a few days prior to the exam and collection. ( if you are experiencing irregular vaginal bleeding, I may perform a pap anyway as we can use liquid media and the blood can be filtered out because cervical abnormalities can cause vaginal bleeding).  It is best to avoid sexual intercourse and no douching prior to the appointment ( of course we should not be doing that anyway), no vaginal treatments should be placed in or on the vagina several days prior to your appointment.

You will be asked to disrobe, wearing socks is great to help you feel warm and in control.

The physical exam starts at the head and neck, heart and lungs, breasts then abdomen and lastly the vulvar-vaginal and pelvic examination with collection of samples as warranted by both the history and the physical examination and our conversation.

I use the most comfortable equipment and techniques for your comfort.  There can be a lot of anxiety and anticipation with these exams, however the vast majority of patients that I have cared for over the past decades have  commented on the gentleness and comfort and ease of the exam when they compare their past experiences

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